Has Fort Knox ever be robbed/?

Has there every be an attempt too rob Fort Knox?


Jill Masterson was played by Shirley Eaton

(However, the gold-painted girl surrounded by the opening credits of the show is actually Margaret Nolan, who plays Dink, Bond's Miami masseuse.)
I dont think so, individual in movies
no. ive lived at hand, and even if you slow your car down the cops carry cha
It only happen in the movies.

It is heavily guarded, in that are armed security
around the boundary and on the inside.

Plus, there is a US Army underneath nearby, any attempt
to rob it you would enjoy several brigades of
well armed troops arriving in minutes.
No. I own lived on Ft. Knox, and for the past 20 years, I've lived roughly 10 minutes away from it. First off consent to me say that near are too many indemnity "devices" that you have to carry through before you even capture to the first door leading contained by to the vault. You enjoy 2 or 3 fences you enjoy to go through, within are guard towers on every corner of the vault plus armed guards that saunter the outside perimeter of the tomb. I have to say aloud that when I was younger my grandparents come down to visit and we simply pulled up to the outside blockade of the vault. It wasn't more than in the order of a minute or two later that we be asked who we were and to stay near.(needless to say my grandfather sped away.) A big wives narrative is that there are territory mines between one fence and another. This is not true, you can see birds and small woodland creatures contained by between the fences adjectives the time and there's never been an explosion.

In response to whether near has ever be an attempted robbery. The answer is, once again, no. The Radcliff/Ft. Knox tourist center says that the biggest deterrent of gold ingots vault robbery is the sheer bulk of the gold itself. They voice that the tonnage of the gold would require more time and manpower than anything short of a small army could muster.

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