Where is Chicagoland's Russian community?

I may be moving from Brooklyn NY and I wanna know where my comrades live

Why are you moving out of New York if they own their own community of Russians, Oh and Canada has one within Quebec a large Russian community.
Honestly they are spread out. The only gather ethnicities here are italian (of course the mob --hello) and polish ( the blish mob) Just find a place you like and you will find "your comrades" although i dont really read why you cant get along near everyone the same. Chicago is a suitable jump. My sister works beside a lot of men from russia and they live around linconshire but specifically a pretty expensive area to live contained by. Chicago is WAYYYY BETTER than ny your gonna love it here. Its all the fun lacking the harshness
They used to be located on the West Side of Chicago, but most of the Russian community have since headed to the 'burbs, mostly Skokie. But they still profess a presence here. These websites might help:


If you're REALLY Russian, this page ought to aid: http://www.russianchicago.com/

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