Reason for white handkerchief surrounded by New Orleans style nuptial?

I have a friend who is getting married and is thinking of doing New Orleans style nuptial, but she is curious of why they wave white handkerchief after the wedding. Does anyone know?

I found this online...typed within white handkerchiefs for cajun matrimony...
Cajun Wedding
New Orleans, Louisiana

For fun-loving, jazzy, Deep South nuptials, there's no better spot than the Big Easy. Travel to a Cajun chapel through the French District in a horse-drawn horse-drawn carriage. Or sail the Mississippi and read out "I do" while passing the city's orgy of lights.

A truly Cajun nuptial features a procession to a jazzy marching company, in which the father of the bride lead with a white umbrella, while guests strut and barn dance behind him near handkerchiefs.
first to do a topical orleans style wedding you will enjoy to have a legitimate new orleans brass leash, ones that play second line music (also hold new orleans food close to gumbo etc) the white handkerchiefs are usually wave in the heavens while people second smudge, that what was done at every single honeymoon i've been to, if you don't know how to second procession i know there be some places that teach it, but i don't know if they are still around i'm hold to do some digging and find out
I believe the passageway that the white handkerchief wave first started was surrounded by church. Many of the women would bring their handkerchiefs to church to wipe the sweat from their brows and also supporter themselves with them to try to hold cool. Then it evolved as they would also wave them contained by excitement and hence a tradition is born. You commonly see woman waving them still at music celebrations and religious events.
If you mean those forming a marching smudge during the reception, the line and handkerchief are representative of a "second line parade".

Mardi Gras parade are for the public to watch, but march in a MG nouns is NOT open to the public. A second chain is a group of people paralleling the authoritative parade - they white horses the handkerchiefs as a process of showing they are a group. Second lines are now against the law so you rarely see them during Carnival. People still second queue as a sort of Conga line at events - close to maybe a celebratory. It's just fun.

The single advice I would confer your friend is to stress the traditional and classic, particularly concerning her dress, the groom's tuxedo, and the clothing of the bridesmaids & groomsmen. Using modernism colors or styles means that culture will look at the wedding photos decades from in a minute and wonder what the heck they thought they were doing.
That is part of a uniquely New Orleans tradition of second-lining! It started rear in the mid-late 1800s when a belt would march and play at the back a casket for a funeral procession. They were certain as the first line. The inhabitants who would join within behind the group, marching and singing and dance, were set as the second-line. Because New Orleans is SO hot and humid for much of the year, when these processions would take place, ancestors would carry umbrellas to abet keep the sun rotten their heads--that's still done today in New Orleans--people transport open umbrellas when the sun is out! Also, they would pass handkerchiefs to wipe their face and dry them by waving them within the air. Second pool liner is done quite frequently at celebrations close to weddings and festivals surrounded by New Orleans.

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