Where is Rocky's house located within Philadelphia?

From the first movie


Anybody know the streets?

Nena's right. It's in Kensington, although it take place in South Philly.
in the neighbourhood mickeys gym
From the looks of it, I'd speak South Philly. That's 95 in the environment.
South Philly.
Yes Charlie is correct & everyone else is wrong. Alot of the movie took place in South Philly & it be portraied to look like he lived surrounded by South Philly, but in trueness the house that was his be really in Kensington, which is constituent of North Philly. I live in West Kensington & I saw the newer Rocky Balboa Movie self shot in that nouns also. & to the guy that said he can see I-95 in the milieu, that is in truth the Kensington EL train.

The correct address is 1818 E. Tusculum Street (Kensington section) Philadelphia

& please remember this is a real residence. If you want to see it drive by & look but dont feat like a sightsee-er. This is not a righteous neighborhood to get lost within either.
1818 tusculum street

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