Arizona Cigarette Prices?

I live at the tip of Kentucky where a carton of Camel's are in the order of $25-28 per carton. I am going to visit my Mom surrounded by Phoenix soon, what are the prices like down at hand? (Should I just bring a carton?)


They raised the taxes this year by over $1/pack. A pack of the really cheap ones runs something like $4, the Camels that I smoke occasionally run closer to $6. Cartons are about $40.
I tend to be surrounded by Texas quite a bit and will usually buy a couple of pack there earlier returning. You may want to just quit or step to a more casual smoker if you're moving here though.
Also, smoking indoors (including bars) is in a minute banned surrounded by Arizona (started in May).
$6.25 a pack or so I have see.
if you are going to be effective scottsdale, drive to the indian res.. they are like 2 dollars cheaper a pack than surrounded by the valley
if you can get them that cheap contained by kentucky then you better gain them there. i'm sure you will pay envelope a lot more for them within arizona
Hi Loren B.

A carton runs $44.80 at the local Walgreens. They are about $4 a carton cheaper here as compared to supermarkets which hover around $48-$50 per carton. I live on the western edge of Phoenix. Hope this info will fashion your decision easier. Have a locked trip.
The average retail price per pack surrounded by AZ is $5.62 with tariff (4th highest contained by country)
The average retail price per pack in KY is $3.68 next to tax (47th surrounded by country)

HOWEVER you can get better priced cigarettes on the Indian Reservation because you reimburse lower tax. These are stamped next to RED tax stamp. You can solitary get tariff free cigs (GREEN stamp) on the res if you are an enrolled contributor of the tribe. I'm not sure how enforced this is though. I looked at the whole excise law point, and it's pretty complicated.

Soooo all surrounded by all, no business what, it's always going to cheaper within KY because our taxes are so high here.
I would voice bring them. We are not as big of a smoking state as the tobacco region is plus there are lot of extra taxes on cigarettes out here. If you are getting them for $25-28 a carton, definately bring them. I pretty sure they are roughly speaking $35 out here.

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