How would I find out information give or take a few Gondola rides at the Riverwalk within San Antonio, TX?

lots of info on San Antonio at web site
The Hotel Valencia contained by San Antonio has Gondola rides. Here is the connect..
Rio San Antonio Cruises is the boat ride company that offers tours on a boat. You can purchase tickets for the tour at any of the three locations on the river: Rivercenter Mall, across from the Hilton Hotel, or at Holiday Inn River Walk.

Fares are as follows:
$2.00 Children (1-5 yrs old)
$7.75 Adults
$5.00 Senior Citizens, Active Duty Military & Bexar County Residents (with proper ID)
Rio Taxi (Rio Trans) tickets are $4.00 one course, 24 hour pass $10.00 and 3 daytime pass $25.00.

The boat rides are a 35-minute narrate tour of the beautiful San Antonio River.

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