Wal mart disney ticket price detail?

last time I go to disney I brought my tickets from Wal mart in Kissimmee. Does anyone know the upto date prices for disney and common tickets from their. I have already E-mailed them but I enjoy not recieved a reply.
Last year i paid $280 5 year pass disney
$108 2 hours of daylight universal

I've never heard of buying tickets from Wal-Mart. Your best bet is buying individual from an authorized seller close to undercovertourist.com or directly from the disney website or at the gate.

On the Disney webpage, a five year magic your approach ticket with a park hopper way out is $260 for an adult.
A 7-day pass to Universal is singular 85.99 through www.universalorlando.com. That's the best way to stir.
I have never hear of Wal-mart selling tickets. Although, I am not sure how much you go to Universal, but for a year overrun it is only $99.00 and I believe explicitly with a cup from Wendy's. Also, if you are a AAA applicant they normally own a deal specifically buy 1 year get the second one free which I believe is $170.00, and to be exact for a premium annual pass. That miss also gives you discounts and free parking and such! So, if you stir a lot to be exact the best deal. As for Disney, they do not hold a lot of upright discounts like that as far as I know.

Hope this help. =)
Are you sure it be Wal-Mart? I have also never hear of this. Wal-Mart is NOT an authorized dealer, so I don't know how they would carry tickets to sell. I don't recommend you purchase from anybody but Disney or an authorized seller, because you don't know what you are getting otherwise. There's no way to notify by looking at the tickets if they are legitimate or not, so be sure you purchase authorized tickets single.
That dedicated Wal-Mart, at 4444 W. Vine, Kissimmee, has a travel agency inside call Wal-Mart Vacations. Generally the tickets are discounted 5% but they don't carry every benevolent of ticket. The second link below have their phone number.

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