How much will cost Toll between NYC and Boston?

I have to convey cars a few times a year to Boston Childrens Hospital, I need to know how much is the cost of the toll

umm i livein queens and to draw from there it take me almost or about 23-27 dollars i dont remeber the exact amount though.
If you are leaving from downtown NYC, and using bridges, and or tunnels, it could cost you nearly $25.00 respectively way.
If you are going from one wrap up of the MA pike to downtown Boston, it could cost about $15.25 to $15.50.
It depends on which agency you go. There are ways to avoid almost adjectives the tolls, but it will increase the trip time. To minimize tolls and still make the trip smartly, try this route: From Manhattan, North on 87, to the Cross County Parkway east, to the Hutchinson Parkway, to the Merritt parkway, to I-91 North, to I-84 North, to Masspike East to Boston. The only toll this opening is the Masspike, maybe similar to 3 or 4 dollars. It sounds like seriously of turns, but actually it's really unproblematic and very efficient!

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