San Francisco is 5 miles across...true or false?

How wide is San Francisco?

Uhhhh, K.Soze, Golden Gate Park is bigger than Central Park all by itself... SF is indeed 7x7 miles. In truth though there is no genuine reason to run to the Southern half of the city, especially the SE corner, unless you live here. Nothing for the toursits to see or for the locals to do, except get up to no well brought-up.

It's 7 x 7 miles

Central Park surrounded by New York is bigger than SF
How on earth could Central Park be bigger than San Francisco?

The entire island of Manhattan is 23 square miles. San Francisco is 7 miles broad X 7 miles long = 49 square miles.

New York is big because of the outer boroughs, not because of Manhattan (which is tiny).
San Fancisco proper isn't very big, but nearby are lots of outlying communities.
S.F. is 7 miles by 7 miles.
No, 7. The whole city is lone 49 square miles.
Loco is correct. You can actually shift somewhat further if you live, say, within the Sunset, and go to the Embarcadero. All contained by all though, we are a small town of merely about eight miles within width. Punch within your destinations to Mapquest and check it out!
yes, it's 7x7 (actually the name of a local magazine). But within reality, the cut that you'd hang out surrounded by is merely 2 or 3 square miles.

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