South Florida or Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater??

I am considering relocating to either the Broward/Palm Beach county nouns or Pinellas Tampa/St. Pete and Clearwater area. What I really want to know is are the two places really that much different. You other hear about how abandoned Southeast Florida is and about adjectives the scamers and con artists and rude and unfriendly those. Are the people really nicer contained by St. Pete/Clearwater than South Florida? I've heard some utter Clearwater and St. Pete are a world differnent in that they hold friendlier people and are more laid put a bet on. Then again I've heard impossible things. Any advice would be appreciated.

I enjoy lived in both places. My suggestion is the Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater nouns. Much less crazy, much smaller amount traffic, less expensive, and the populace are friendlier and more laid back. Broward/Palm Beach are a nightmare. Also, if you enjoy children, Pinellas County (St. Pete/Clearwater) has the best public school in Florida. Between Tampa and St. Pete, I'd pick St. Pete. Good luck!
I know both areas freshly from making vacation nearby.
But I would prefer the St. Pete / Clearwater area.
The nouns looks nicer and I think individuals there are nicer too.
My warning would be Clearwater St Pete area looking for dutiful neighborhoods
Tampa Bay is rough
I live within Tampa and visit south Florida regularly and would hold to say that the Tampa nouns is better for living and the southern part of Fl is best for visit, keep contained by mind however that St.Pete/Tampa has crime too but the Tampa/St.Pete nouns takes watchfulness of its citizens way better than south Fl.
I enjoy lived in both areas, and YES! There is a world of difference. I lived contained by St. Petersburg, FL for 4 years Miami for 1, and St. Pete is slower paced. I wouldn't necessarily utter that the people are nicer, but you can definaly follow more of them if you are strictly an English speaking person such as myself. Miami seem to much trendier, with more upscale shops and restaurants. Being from Maine similar to I am they are both busy cities to live in, but if I have to choose one, move to St. Pete. Then visit Miami, and if you resembling it, move there.
I you want to live a mundane, American life than yes Tampa nouns would be better. Palm Beach County I dont recommend for anyone unless you are super rich and can afford to live with adjectives the other super rich people. Broward county is okay, its not as crazy as you infer, it is no Miami. I love Miami, I love the big city type living etc.. But Broward is close enough to Miami that you can enjoy some fun and excitement in your enthusiasm but you dont need to do business with adjectives the big city thing any.
Traffic is bad within Broward though because some many culture live in Broward and work surrounded by Miami.
You will find more job opportunity etc in the Broward/Miami nouns since it is the 5th largest metro area contained by the country.
But St. Pete/Clearwater is not bad, it is more laid posterior. I dont find the people contained by Miami unfriendly though.
It only just depends what you are looking for. If you want a laid ed back calm/boring place to live than yes St. Pete Clearwater is better.
If you want for a while bit of everything, from International Hub/ Big city living/ Big city things to do and a calm suburbia enthusiasm than Broward is the place to be.
What ever you do dont go to Palm Beach within is nothing to see, do in that. And it is to far from Miami to go down for the daylight and to far from any where else really.
It really depends upon your age and lifestyle. I've lived surrounded by both places -- I liked South Florida much better. It is much more cosmopolitan and modern, forward-thinking society, etc. I am in my 30s, single and childless.

I regard as I would have enjoy Tampa/St. Pete/Clearwater much more were I married beside children and/or a retiree. The pace of go is MUCH slower and I had to really work firm to find a social network that worked for me. Tampa is a bit more cosmopolitan, but I still found it not nearly as progressive or lively as South Florida.

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