What vegas nightclub are suitable for middle aged adults?

Definitely Voodoo Lounge at The Rio. I'm in my 20s and have to go to a work function at hand a few weeks ago. It's basically a meat marketplace for people within their 30s and 40s. Plus, the view is pretty awesome too because it's at the top of The Rio which overlooks the strip.

Also, stop by www.jackcolton.com for the best non-biased info on Vegas nightclubs. That website said Polysesthers at The Stratosphere is supposed to be moral for middle aged people too.
When you voice middle aged, what do you mean? surrounded by your 40's, 50's, what? Almost anything goes within LV. Try studio 54 in the MGM Grand, or The RIO have a club, however the lounge outside of the club is just as jumpin, so to sit within and have drinks and associates watch is pretty fun.
For your info:

Almost every hotel have a lounge, try looking into the Palms, and other hotels.

Have a great time.
all the dark clubs are fine, just be prepared for loud music and dance and standing unless you want to cough up 200 dollars for a table and a bottle.
Hey, when are you going? I am going contained by April with my BF and I am curious too, I don't know if this hotel is good but I would approaching to go to the Coyote Ugly slab, I think its contained by NewYork New York.
Have fun!
We enjoy this one

It's 4 nightclub in one next to music from the 70's - 80's - 90' and today.

One band that we resembling to go see is "Phoenix", at NY NY and South Point. They play great "classic" rock music. The baptize Phoenix is most appropriate since most of these guys, rose from the ashes of those great bands.

Not sure what your taste is, as far as music is concerned but here is a roll of the hottest Las Vegas night spots.

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