Is here a parking lot for the Greyhound bus station surrounded by Los Angeles?

Does anyone know where you can park when traveling on the greyhound bus on 7th street?

I forget what the rates are, but there is a parking lot right contained by the bus terminal. OK to drop off, but I wouldn't park in that for an extended time there for a little reasons: First, the neighborhood's rotten, an two, it's expensive for long-term parking.
if you park you car nearby when you return your car
will be within striped or destroyed, do not park your car
near 9well unless its already stolen that is!
also do not lug Greyhound unless you want to risk your life
and you speak and make out Spanish
as all runs from Los Angeles are not by Greyhound but
Greyhound Affiliate (Carrero where on earth the drivers only speak spanish and do not read or write surrounded by English or understand it
any plus these drivers love to make unscheduled stops
and longer layovers (like a 10 minute layover can be come a 1 hour layover
that *if you can even gain ON THE BUS in the first place
you might own to stand for 3 to 4 hours on the bus!
then your bus probably could entrap fire or the restroom
could overflowed (its happen)
now do you really want filch Greyhound?
you could try Amtrak (better parking)
Yes, near are many parking lots surrounded by the area, including several lots run by Joe's Parking. But the neighborhood is HORRIBLE! I would park within a highrise in a better section of town and take the DASH bus over to the Greyhound Terminal, to be nontoxic. It might be a little more costly, but you would hold peace of mind.
Yes here is parking, BUT, I would never leave my coup¨¦ there overnight. Its a shameful area. Better to give somebody a lift a bus or a taxi and give up the car at home.

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