Florida or Georgia?why?

MIami or Atlanta?why

why not?
Miami - I love Miami (but live surrounded by Atlanta). Florida has no state income duty. uhmm.. beach. I love the together art deco in architecture entity. I was a Ft. Lauderdale resident once upon a time.

Atlanta - No coast. Winter! Even snow on rare occasion. :) Transportation hub, not the butt end of the continent.

Depends on where on earth you can get a better livelihood and what you like to do, if thoughtful sea fishing is your entity - go next to Miami. If hiking is your thing - come to Atlanta!
Florida, in place to get out of GA!
Miami. Babes surrounded by thongs!
I live in Pembroke Pines (about 13 miles S.W of Ft. Lauderdale and going on for 20+ miles from Miami). I love the weather here in Florida (I love fishing- saltwater), I love the seaside and the night duration. But, that's where it adjectives ends.

I moved down from Atlanta almost 3 years ago to care for my sick father-in-law. He passed away in advance this year and I'm working on moving back to Georgia. The cost of living is cheaper. The relations are nice and more polite. Property taxes are way cheaper. If you are looking to buy a house or even rent an apartment, Georgia is the process to go.

I enjoy first hand education of this. My 3/2 bedroom apartment in Georgia (McDonough) run me $775 per month. It was 1350 sq. foot. It was a strange apartment and was close to copious things. I have friends that rent here for over $1300 for a 3/2 townhouse specifically roughly the same sq. footage. I am within the process of selling my 1100 sq. feet condo (2/2) here for $185,000. My property taxes run me $3700 per year and running is $270 per month. With that money, you could afford a nice 4/2 home in Georgia beside a yard contained by a nice area.
I lived in Miami for 20 yrs in the past leaving to live within Atlanta. If you like hot humid weather and speak Spanish later go live contained by Miami. The only entry I miss about Miami is the the deep. What I dont miss is the rudest, most selfish community, next to the worst drivers in the country...also didnt approaching always notion like I be in a foreign country and made to consistency like I should swot up Spanish when its the responsibility of the Hispanics to learn English. Atlanta have a cheaper standard of living, the people are means of access more nice, and there is in actual fact 4 distinct seasons contained by Atlanta. Having lived in both inwardly the past 3 yrs, and have visited Miami at least possible twice a yr since leaving I noticeably prefer Atlanta and would NEVER move back to Miami.
Atlanta hand down. why? The people. Not even close. Much prettier too.
Florida stinks nought to do. Altanta would be better cause here is more to see and do. You can visit World of Coca Cola, Underground Mall, Martin Luther King sr. or jr's museam. There is so much more to do that I can't index them all.
I love Florida for its diversity. But one bad entry about Miami is erudition spanish. It can be annoying if you dont kow Spanish, bcause of the large spanish community nearby. Also Miami is expensive, and the hurricanes are destructive. .. I prefer Orlando, or other parts of Fla.because the hurricanes dont rreach, you can drive to Miami, and you can be in an interracial relationship and relations won't ban you from their establishments. I live within Ga. now. I dont resembling it as much because everything is really spread out.You need a motor, and the bus system doesnt even go everywhere it requests to go. I expect they are improving it though and I dont see the diversity that i saw surrounded by Florida. There are many different ppl here, but they are surrounded by different counties. The blacks are in Dekaklb, Asians and latinos within Gwinett, and the whites in Newton, Tifton, ect. I shouldn't be capable of do that in 2007! One fitting thing though, is its cheaper to buy a home here than surrounded by Florida. Fla. has a significant amount of people from different places so you enjoy an exposure.. also because of this, people nouns different and alot of them don't retain a racist mentality you may see in parts of Ga.(not everyone is, but its alive)Blacks own more oppurtunities for job and living which is great. They are both pros and cons I guess. depends on what you close to though.

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