What is the closest RV park to LegoLand surrounded by Carlsbad, CA?

there is a campground where on earth a lot of rv's turn about 2 miles or so from legoland. it's on the water/ocean. i give attention to it's a state park campground...& you would need reservations. it's other pretty full.
Yes, the closest RV parks are along the coast and South Carlsbad is probably the closest. It is a state campground, so, you have to book a space at smallest six months in finance (January 2nd is prime for booking for the summer). It is very tough to get hold of a space, so, I would suggest booking it on line and enjoy someone try by phone at the same time.

Regular RV campgrounds are harder to find around North San Diego county. Search the internet for ones that are newer and sheltered.
Carlsbad state beach, but it is full year round. If you purely want a place to hook up and be safe you could try "Paradise By The Sea"contained by Oceanside it is 4 miles from lego land, its not the ritz you hold to really watch the children, they own strict rules. Friends of ours have stayed near, I have be there plentiful times to visit friends who stayed here. It is right off the pacific coast highway, the deep across the street, The railroad tracks run past the front, but doesn't come across to bother most rvers.

760 4391376

1537 S. Pacific Coast Highway

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